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BONUS EPISODE: The Fertility Show Special from the Let’s Talk Stage

BONUS EPISODE: The Fertility Show Special from the Let’s Talk Stage

This episode shares highlights from several sessions that took place at The Fertility Show in Manchester.

It’s ok to talk about your fertility was a conversation with Dr Zoe Williams, GP and TV Presenter, Dr Larisa Corda – Consultant in Reproductive Medicine & ITV This Morning’s and Channel Mum’s Fertility Expert and Emma Kenny TV psychologist, presenter, writer and expert commentator in the media and press, and ITV’s This Morning Shows’s resident Psychologist and Channel Mum expert.

You’ll also hear part of the Men matter too

Did you know that it’s 50/50 male and female factors that affect you getting pregnant? We want men to feel empowered to talk more about this tricky topic and be happy to ask questions about their fertility – to feel more involved. We welcome questions from you either openly or anonymously for this Men Matter too session (women welcome along too!) The brilliant panel was Robin Hadley, Independent Researcher into Male Childlessness. Dr Muhammad Akhtar – Consultant Gynaecologist, Manchester Fertility and Dr Michael Carrol

We spoke about Infertility in the Workplace where you will hear me share how I managed my treatment whilst still hosting a breakfast radio show. Hortsense Thorpe –  Outsource Manager & the creator of the Centrica Fertility Group shares her experience and Aileen Feeney,, former Chief Executive of FNUK talking about how a lot of us never talk about what we’re dealing with at work as we are worried it could impact our work and our career prospects.

Ten years ago, even five years ago you may not have been able to or felt willing to share your fertility situation with colleagues and employers. We want to break down this barrier and encourage you to and give you the strength to talk about this in the workplace. Hortense and Aileen talk about their hopes for the future and our host Natalie will share how she managed her treatment whilst still hosting a breakfast radio show. The panel will be happy to take any questions you may have about your rights in the workplace when it comes to taking time off for appointments.

The Importance of Support

If you are undergoing fertility treatment or about to embark on your journey, either on your own or with your partner we know the value of talking to somebody beit in a group, 121, online or with family and friends. Come along to this session and get invaluable help and support from these incredible women. Andreia Trigo  Founder of inFertile Life, Fertility Nurse and NLP Coach shares her personal story and you’ll hear all about the support groups around the UK available within Fertility Network UK.

Finally we move onto a conversation about having a Plan B and you’ll hear from Linder Wilkinson about being a surrogate and part of Surrogacy UK, Mandy Worsley – mum through adoption who also now works to support others dealing with the emotional toll of fertility treatment and Kate Dobb, mother to twins conceived through egg donor.




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