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BONUS EPISODE: The Fertility Show experts discuss the importance of looking after your mind and body

BONUS EPISODE: The Fertility Show experts discuss the importance of looking after your mind and body

Henrietta Norton talked about how even as early as seven years old she was experiencing digestive issues and tiredness. Her periods were dreadful and as we hear all too often she just accepted this was how it was going to be. 

It wasn’t until her early 20’s that she went to a nutritionist and had a light bulb moment as it was at this point that she understood how much our food and lifestyle can affect our hormone balance

Henrietta spoke about how she was diagnosed with all sorts of different conditions and each time, the common theme was extreme menstrual pain

In her work as a nutritional therapist and in her talk at The Fertility Show, Henrietta will be speaking explaining how important it is to realise, not what to cut out but that it’s about what you need to put in. She describes how we are an interconnected web of systems and how you can’t treat one without looking at the others. 

We also spoke about ‘Stress and mindfulness’ and how whilst they can often be seen as buzz terms in today’s society, stress can be more than running around, working hard as it means different things to diff people. 

Henrietta talks about the ‘window of preconception health’ and how important this is. She explained how ‘Preconception is a hugely energetically hungry process’ which I thought was such an insightful thing to share and something that a lot of us probably don’t realise. 

She explained how if you don’t have enough of the nutrients to support your mitochondria you will be feeling really tired.  We also spoke about how Fertility preservation starts when we start menstruating

You will hear tips on where to start regarding supplementation and how Omega 3 is really important for Men and Women. For the man as well as it increased mobility and motility 

You will also hear from  Dr Sandeep Mane who has set up  Origin International Fertility Center in India. He was in charge of surgical skills training at the Royal College, London where he trained numerous doctors from all over the world. Dr Mane has set up a clinic and will be speaking about the emphasis he puts on the mind and spiritual approach in his clinic. How important it is for patients to understand what is going on with them, to know what treatments and tests they have had previously and why they didn’t work. 

He wants to ensure people are able to cope with every stage of their treatment, so works with the mind as well as the scientific processes needed from assisted reproduction in his practice. His talk will be explaining more about his work and how he believes this approach is a significant part of the future of fertility treatment. 

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