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Have you read any decent fertility books?

I’ve been reviewing books on my show for a few months now, well I say ‘I’ – what that really means is that I enticed the brilliant Amber aka @thepreggarskitchen to come and chat to me about the books she was already reviewing on her blog. She agreed.

Amber is about to have her first baby, having been trying to conceive for 3 years. She had success with her first cycle of IVF and has read a lot of books about her health and wellbeing. She has SO many books that her husband has insisted she starts to get rid of them and Amber has been giving away books via her Instagram account.

There didn’t use to be ANY books!

I love it, I love how we have these books, especially since I interviewed Janet Kirkland MacHattie a former nurse at Bourn Hall, working with Patrick Steptoe. She told me that when she asked Steptoe of any books she could read to learn more about the fertility treatments he was trying, with colleagues Edwards and Purdy. Patrick Steptoe apparently replied telling her the books hadn’t been written yet.

Luckily for us, now they have. So I asked Amber to give me a list of the books she was going to review for me and then set about along with my lovely VA, Emma, and the help of Sandra at Waterstones contacting publishers to see if they would like to donate some books as part of my giveaway.

We have the following books for you to win:

  • It Starts With Food  – Dallas Hartwig and Melissa Hartwig
  • Taking Charge of Your Fertility – Toni Weschler
  • Period Repair Manual – Lara Briden
  • Baby Making Bible – Emma Cannon
  • Fertile – Emma Cannon
  • The IVF Diet – Zita West
  • Fabulously Fertile – Sarah Clake
  • Stick it to me Baby – Danica Thornberry
  • Trying – Emily Phillips

All you need to to do is complete the phrase ‘I’ve learned on my fertility journey that…. ” and please share it using the #fertilityawarness either on twitter or insta @fertilitypoddy or if you prefer facebook, just visit The Fertility Podcast page.

The giveaway closes on Friday August 10th.

I really look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Love and Strength



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