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12 Pods of Insta

12 Pods of Insta

12 Pods of Insta

As this year has been such an Instagram fest for me, making new friends and finding more fascinating stories to share, it seems an opportune time to finish the year with the 12 Pods of Insta. They aren’t done in order of preference, just showcasing my highlights.!!

When I found out we needed treatment, my best friend who had been through three rounds of IVF treatment before falling pregnant with twins, told me to avoid the online forums as they were depressing, so I did.

I never looked online, I just asked my pal about everything. I mean it was ideal, she was amazing and I was able to play the same role for two more of my close friends who sadly had to ensure treatment.

I was lucky I had my friend but if I didn’t I would have gone online more. Like many more people are doing today. There are a wealth of online communities where people #TTC support each other but the Instagram ones seems, for me, to be the one I spend most of time in.

What has been quite remarkable for me is to be able to speak to someone I’ve met on Instagram about their journey and then continue to watch it unfold as they continue to share it. In the past when I’ve met people on other social platforms, of course I’ve been able to keep in touch and even meet in person as I get more involved in various events within the fertility industry yet Instagram invites people to share even more it seems.

So first up, I want to introduce Sheema, who is  @one_in_seven who is an incredible lady, with extremely stylish eyewear and all round fabulous style. Sheema caught my attention on insta after she’d shared a post about pregnancy loss and also how she was working through how it felt to use an egg donor. Sheema shares her story below, and I’m delighted to say that the treatment she talked about in this episode was successful and Sheema and her partner have just welcomed little Fari into the world. Sheema had such a tricky pregnancy and was so open and honest about her fears, and I know she will have had such an impact on those who follow her and probably encourage others to share more. Thank you Sheema xx

At number 11 is  Christine, aka @InfertilityIllustrated who spoke to me in February this year ( 2018) she’d been celebrating, as she had just passed the 1k followers mark. As I type this she is past 8k, which shows how amazing her work is and how it’s getting more and more recognised within the Insta community. Christine has the amazing knack of drawing what we are thinking, all to often I’ve seen one of her posts and thought, YES, I’ve been there! I know you feel the same.

At number 10, whilst we’re talking about putting the humour into infertility, then Karen @hilariouslyinfertile has aced this as so well. A school teacher by day Karen’s posts are spit your drink out funny, or is that just me? We chatted in June this year, ahead of Karen’s book release which was in August.  Karen had approached publishers only to be told there was no market for what she was proposing. Her 40k insta following says otherwise  and she has since self published.


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