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frozen embryo
Frozen in time… an embryo in frozen state

Embies (Embee’s) – A commonly used slang term used in popular fertility circles meaning embryo(s) or fertilized human eggs. Embies are often referred to by their state, fresh or frozen. Embies may also be classified as incubating, ready for transfer, cryogenic freezing, and donor both fresh and frozen.

The Infertility Trail
The Infertility trail is draining for most every couple that walks it. If it’s not the expense its the time, energy and what we hope to avoid most, the disappointment. It’s likely you’ve heard this all before or perhaps you’re new to the whole experience and this site just laid out in plain text.

A Little Data to Think About
A Recent study by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and RAND on the number of cryopreserved

embryos in the United States found that of the nearly 400,000 embryos currently in cryostorage, only 2.8 percent (roughly 11,000) have been designated for donation to research. Consider that most of these embryos are destroyed and very very few are allocated as donor to couples due to the many a million personal, ethical, religions, and legal reasons. How is it that such a precious commodity is treated to the garbage can?

Fertility preservation through freezing

The Reason for this Site
This site is not about crazy stuff like saving unborn scientists that could have saved the world. It’s about helping couples realize a dream, to have a family. It’s likely that this is the same dream you had or have. The reason for this site is to encourage you, the current or prospective participant in fertility treatment to consider donating your frozen embryos to a couple that may be in need. In the event you should you find yourselves with frozen “spares” and where you have achieved your baby goal, please consider those couples that have gone the distance and have reached a road block that prevents then from all that which you achieved.

Centers of Interest
The following list of centers are, as of 2011, stated as providing fertility treatment that includes donor embryo transplant. This means that they will in some cases allow a couple to receive your donated cryo embryos which may take and allow that couple to have a family. Every center is different

Frozen Storage At Sperm Bank

and will have a separate set of rules regarding donation and receiving. This is actually a good thing. You as a donor can have some general comments attached to the file that may outline a donation. The important part is you consider it. donate them. will find isolate those Reproductive Endocrinologists that offer Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) and organize the resources to help move the process along.